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    Products >> Lead Screw Nut

    Lead Screw Nut

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    Product Name: Lead Screw Nut
    Supply Ability:
    Specifications lead screw nut
    Price Term:
    Port of loading:
    Minimum Order
    Unit Price: 10-500USD/SET
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    VXO Linear Technologies offers manufactures a wide array of lead screw nut and acme screw nut options in materials including POM, Peek, Torlon, Acetal and Nylon, and metal - including bronze, brass, stainless, and alloy steel. We offer anti-backlash nuts, sleeve nuts, bronze nuts, heavy-load nuts, trunnion mounting nuts, and more -- all linear lead screw with multiple styles, sizes, and material options. Or, we can custom manufacture a nut to meet your specific linear motion application needs.

    Features Of Lead Screw Nut
    To meet the need for economical solutions in the field of linear motion, VXO offers two standardized lines of lead screws and lead nut in addition to the made-to-order lead screw and nut assemblies built to meet individual customer specifications and tolerances.

    Benefits Of Lead Screw Nut
    Large load carrying capability


    Simple to design

    Easy to manufacture; no specialized machinery is required

    Large mechanical advantage

    Precise and accurate linear motion

    Smooth, quiet, and low maintenance

    Minimal number of parts

    Most are self-locking

    For more information about motion control systems, please feel free to contact us!

    There are many bearing suppliers, but we are one of the best choices for you.

    Contact Us
    Contact: Ms. vxolinear motion
    Address: 5/F, Bldg. B, Baodai Sci-Tech Park, 988 Wusong Road,Wuzhong Dist, Suzhou, Jiangsu
    Postcode: 215124
    Tel: 0512-66903936

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