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    Products >> Needle Roller Bearings

    Needle Roller Bearings

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    Product Name: Needle Roller Bearings
    Supply Ability:
    Specifications nkis 20 bearing
    Price Term:
    Port of loading:
    Minimum Order
    Unit Price: 10-500USD/SET
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    Needle roller bearings use needle rollers as their rolling elements rather than balls. The term "needle roller" usually means that its length is several times its diameter.

    Precision needle roller bearings have a smaller cross-sectional height and could keep the entire machine lighter and more compact, thus maintaining a relatively high load carrying capacity. The key components are the cage (also known as the separator or support) and the needle rollers.

    Needle roller and cage assembly can be mounted directly as a stand-alone accessory, or cam roller bearings can be used in conjunction with other parts, inner and outer rings, to form complete needle roller bearings that can be used as stand-alone bearing support mounts.

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